Redding Schools Education Data Analysis

Our Redding and Region 9 School districts enjoy a highly favorable reputation and are a critical attribute and key asset of our town. A thorough understanding of school performance is important to ensure the very best outcomes for our children.

The ERF Education Data Analysis has been developed to contribute to the town knowledge base and to provide additional understanding of our schools’ performance profile. It is intended to support ongoing, fact based, thoughtful and meaningful dialogue within the Redding school community and among our residents.

The study is organized in three parts: 

Part 1 Summary: Comprises Key Observations cross-referenced to supporting graphs in the Exhibits section.

Available by clicking on this link in blue below:

Part 2 Data Analysis: Provides the full scope of the analysis with detailed data comparisons. It also includes an appendix containing details on data sources, notes on achievement measures, examples of standardized state computations, and other explanatory materials.

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Part 3 EdSight Data Guide: A guide developed to provide a roadmap to the state’s education database. It details the study’s data collection process, location of data, and methodology. The Guide is intended for use by those interested in accessing any of the data cited in the study.

Available by clicking on this link in blue below:

Feb 25th Zoom Video Recording

A Zoom video meeting was held on February 25th reviewing the Education Data Analysis with Redding residents. To view the recording click on the link below. Please note you will need to enter a password.

Password = !3=5xv%2 (note the first character is an exclamation mark)